At the Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science (FEAS), we are making meaningful shifts in culture; the kind that leads to the greater democratization of technology and improved quality of life for all.

We are accelerating the shift in higher education from a results-at-any-cost culture to a highly supportive learning environment that encourages students to become curious, lifelong learners and ethical, inclusive people. We call this 21st-century model of education the All-In Approach, and the shift it produces will make an impact.

When FEAS graduates enter the workforce, they will be prepared to ethically negotiate trade-offs between economic, social and environmental bottom lines, and they will understand that the most important driver of innovation is the diversity of thought and experience. As many of our graduates work in industries charged with solving some of society’s greatest challenges, the impact of our All-In Approach will be considerable—it will contribute to the shift towards a more interconnected, equitable world.

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